Patricia moved from New York City over two decades ago to act in Reality Bites, a movie her sister, Helen Childress, had just finished writing. Deciding to forsake her career as a visual artist, Patricia dove into acting and landed roles on prime-time television, starring in mini-series and award-winning films like As Good As It Gets, and moved up the ranks in the Independent world. While utilizing her success with some of the industry’s most respected talents, Patricia pooled her resources together and began her writing and producing career with A&E, Bravo, and later went on to produce Behind the Music at VH1.

In early 2000, she produced, directed and narrated As She Sees It for Oxygen where she was an integral part of creating one of the most innovative shows on television. Soon after, Patricia found a home at The Dr. Phil Show. The series she directed, Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, broke the rating records for the daytime market.

And then she met Tyra Banks, a relationship that still goes strong to date. After launching The Tyra Banks Show and establishing her role as the supervising creative producer and supervising field producer, Patricia continued to be a part of the ground breaking series that lasted five seasons. In 2010, Patricia formed Mr. Ting Productions where she specializes in creative incubation, social experiments, and making the impossible happen.

Hailed as a “wizard” in the shooting arena and a “genius” by some of the most admired producers and directors in the business, Patricia continues to sharpen her sword in her chosen fields of producing, directing, writing, and occasionally acting in some killer projects.

Awards: Emmy ®, Gracie Allen Award, GLAAD, Independent Spirit Award

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